Janyce Harper
Corporate Marketing Communications
Siemens Enterprise Communications

Situation: Following a comprehensive briefing by Siemens about the launch of their new product service, assessment of their media needs, an intense screening of major media agencies, and an evaluation of contending agency proposed strategies, resources, staffing and fees, Horizon Media was selected to spearhead Siemens multi-national introduction.

Testimonial: “Drexler/Fajen & Partners (SFC’s Alliance Partner) was instrumental in guiding our entire media agency review process. Their knowledge and experience was insightful, comprehensive and flawless throughout the process and we were extremely impressed with their detailed capabilities and benchmarking analysis. They offered exceptional leadership and professional advice throughout all aspects of the review and have been entirely committed to the continued performance of our selected agency partner with the information we need to evaluate ongoing costs and ROI. We would highly recommend Steve Fajen to any organization seeking a genuine partner in conducting an agency review.”