Steps in our Search and Selection Process

SFC works on media reviews in four different ways depending upon the interests and requirements of the advertiser.

  • Conduct a full-scale comprehensive agency review
  • Work with your current review consultant to help further guide the process
  • Work directly with the advertiser to conduct their own agency review
  • Operate as a liaison between the advertiser and their current agency to enhance and repair (if necessary) the existing relationship

SFC also handles all creative and below-the-line agency reviews directly.

Below is an outline of the steps we take when conducting a full-scale comprehensive review. Many of the same steps are taken when we conduct a client/agency relationship repair.

1. Discovery – Diagnostic process to determine key agency selection criteria, conflicts, other needs and expectations of the client Review Team

2. Screening – A rigorous vetting process against the agreed-upon criteria for qualified agencies (initial long list)

3. Agency Rfi – Development and submission to qualified agencies to gather relevant information to create a shorter list of finalists

4. Selecting Finalists – A screening process utilizing set criteria, RFI answers and evaluation tools to determine a finalist list of agencies

5. SOW – A review and development of a detailed Year 1 agency scope of work/deliverables

6. Agency Briefing – Development of outline for a finalist agencies briefing and presentation – planning and buying challenge assignment

7. Staffing and Compensation Questionnaire – Development and submission to finalist agencies of a staffing and compensation questionnaire based on the Year I SOW

8. Round Table Talent Sessions – An informal, but strategic dialogue in which client-agency teams work together on strategy and buying challenges to determine mutual comfort

9. Compensation Analyses – Benchmarking and analysis of staffing, overhead and agency profit … with and without incentives as appropriate

10. Agency Evaluation Scorecard – Development of evaluation metrics with which to objectively assess the finalist agencies throughout the process

11. Agency Selection – Finals presentations and analyses with individual debriefing after each presentation culminating in selection of a winning agency

12. Accountability Framework – Engagement start-up document governing future work – with Incentive Compensation component if necessary

13. Transition – Detailed and orderly oversight of work transfer to new agency – with audits and performance evaluations set up if necessary

14. Quarterly Checkups – Year One monitoring to ensure marketplace success and integration with other marketing communications.